Partial List of Our Projects
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Project ID Description
MF-01 Asset Tracking System
MF-02 Enhancing existing applications and providing support for custom applications
MF-03 Forms and Requests Management Application
MF-04 Graphical Parts Retrieval
MF-05 Issues Management System
MF-06 Power Usage and Supply Application
MF-07 Production Scheduling Data Transfer Application
MF-08 Raw Material Data Storage & Analysys Application
MF-09 Testing and implementation of Y2K fixes to existing Access applications.
MF-10 Web-Based Scorecard Reporting for Production Measurements

Service Related

Project ID Description
SR-01 Appointment/Staff Scheduling Program
SR-02 Client & Tax Perparer Scheduler Application
SR-03 Enhanced Golf Course Management Software
SR-04 Graphics management
SR-05 Insurance Claims Tracking System
SR-06 Law Office Management Program
SR-07 Motel management
SR-08 Pharmacist Consultant Application
SR-09 Project task synchronizing
SR-10 Time and billing
SR-11 Time logging


Project ID Description
GV-01 Cemetery management
GV-02 State Licensee Management Application


Project ID Description
NP-01 Event Ticket Printout
NP-02 In/Out Board Intranet Plugin
NP-03 Interactive Banquet Map
NP-04 Interactive Expo Floorplan Map